Hope and Life

Who We Are

Retta Christiforatos

Holy Spirit is the Greeter at the door every time I arrive at Hope and Life!  And what I love about the spirit of generosity that is a halmark of Hope and Life is that it is an outpouring of our proclaiming, as a church and individually, that GOD IS FIRST and we are second in all things.

Kathy Neese

My family has been ministered to and blessed from all areas of Hope and Life.
From nursery, preschool, children’s, youth all the way through adults,Hope and Life is an extended family that imparts the word of God into our lives, keeping us focused on the important things in life God and family. I am honored to be a small part of what God is doing through  Hope and Life.
Kathy Neese

Rossi and Val Griffin

Genuine, heartfelt, warmth, and God’s love is what we have experienced at Hope and Life Fellowship. Having grown up in a church in another state, it is sometimes difficult to find a new church home and family. We thank God for Hope and Life Fellowship, our church home and family!

Michael and Yolanda Dupree

From our very first visit until now, we have felt the love for God and family through the worship and the word.  Our children love Josiah Generation and Collide Youth and we all love being a part of Hope and Life Fellowship.

Herb and Michelle Bays

We visited Hope and Life when we were looking for a church that would make our “diverse” family feel at home while helping us to grow as Christians.  Immediately we were welcomed with open arms!  We love our pastors and we love our church!

Kevin and Belinka Carter

The entire Hope and Life family has truly been a divine connection to our family! The outpouring of love and compassion shown has not only made an impact on us, but on those who are both directly and indirectly connected to us. We love our H&L family!!!

Patrick and Angela Reed

Hope and Life is like one big family to us!  The H&L family has supported us throughout our courtship and now almost two years into our marriage.  We’ve become quite close with many friends who we are so appreciative to have in our lives.  Pastors Tony and Gwen Brock are a true reflection of love, faith and devotion to each other and Jesus!

Michele Royal Kimsey

Hope and Life has been my church home for 10 years.  From the very first Sunday, I have felt such love from the pastors and such caring from the people.  H&L is the place I’ve healed from the past, developed greater faith and grown closer to God.  I LOVE this church!

Michael and Leslie Larche

At Hope and Life we believe God’s presence is manifested in every service, through worship and the delivery of His Word.  Hope and Life Fellowship feels like “home” and being here has played a significant part in our family’s spiritual growth.

Albert Artis

Love, Love, Love!  Hope and Life has been an extension of God’s unconditional love to me!  My life will never be the same, and has been greatly enriched by quality, loving, relationships!