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One of life’s greatest blessings and sources of joy is being called a parent.  But if you find yourself raising your child alone, you know better than anyone else that parenting is a tough job. Few can understand the emotional hurt and loneliness that many single parents carry and how difficult this role can become at times. Every parent is called to lay aside his or her own interests for their children, but that calling takes on an extra commitment when you’re going at it alone.   Single Parent Life was birthed by Lee and Jackie Cain, who found themselves in the same position years ago. They are able to relate and understand the pressures, trials and situations that you face and equip you with the spiritual guidance you need to live an abundant life in Christ.  Single Parent Life meets together to encourage one another, learn from one another and ultimately learn more about God.  Single Parent Life is designed to come alongside those who need encouragement and help them to see that God still has a great plan for their life.
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Lee and Jackie Cain


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